Leg Exoskeleton

Our project for the 2016-2017 was a load-bearing leg exoskeleton called Lexo (Leg Exoskeleton) designed to offload a weight of at least 70 lbs to the ground. While offloading the weight, it still allows the user to move in the same way as without the suit, completely unhindered. The suit is designed to help with emergency rescue workers who need to carry large amounts of equipment on their person. The ultimate goal of the suit is to reduce the strain on the user as well as the metabolic cost of walking with the suit and weight as opposed to just carrying the weight itself.

    • Carries a payload of 100lbs
    • Several hour battery life
    • Allows for same range of motion as healthy adult
    • Adjusts to heights between 5'8"-6'2"

Documentation is currently being compiled which includes CAD files, circuit diagrams, as well as methodology. While not a step by step guide to producing this exoskeleton, it should give the overall ideas and concepts for building the exoskeleton. A link to a google doc is given below. Please contact us with any questions about our design or implementation at starx.at.um@gmail.com