Pushing the Limits of Exoskeleton Capability


To pioneer the interdisciplinary principles of robotics at the University of Michigan and build the best exoskeletons that can support first responders in saving more lives.

The Team

Strength Augmenting Exoskeleton is a student-run engineering design team at the University of Michigan focused on making practical powered exoskeletons that increase the effective strength of the user. By basing our designs on the best current research, we aim to bring exoskeletons to a functional level that can be applied to real-world use.


At STARX, we build as much as we can from the ground up! We're invested in the process and we'll take time to get it right!

Take a look at some of our ongoing and past projects!

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Challenge yourself! Do what you didn't think you could and come out stronger! Grow as a part of a team!

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